Cartes Iris & Violet Cards


Hi, I'm Elisabeth, creator of Iris and Violet cards. I've been handcrafting greeting cards for my family and friends since I can remember. As an artist and illustrator I have a passion for playing with different types of materials and papers, as a human a need for connection and as an inhabitant of earth a desire to do things in the most environmentally friendly way possible. I've always wanted to share my love of making cards with more people. I was introduced to seed paper and loved the idea of a card that is also a gift and that has zero waste so I decided the time was right to embark on this journey. Iris and Violet are the middle names of my daughters who inspire me daily.

All illustrations by artist Elisabeth Hewlett. Printed in Quebec. Due to the thick, textured nature of the paper, printing results may vary slightly from product image. All materials used, including packaging are compostable and are sourced in Canada. Cards are shipped wrapped in a PLA envelope (plant based plastic, compostable in industrial facilities) to protect from moisture. If you prefer you can opt for without PLA, simply write 'no PLA' in the notes field at checkout.

Custom orders ($40 CAD).
If you'd like a personalized custom made greeting card made, simply send us a message to inquire.

When you make a purchase you are supporting an artist and small business.

Thank you!